VinylCut 5 Software Brush Tool and a Handy Tip for Creating Circles, Step by Step Video

vinylcut brush tool handy tip

From making different size vector shapes to automatically joining overlay paths then this is the tool to use.

You will now easily be able to make circles with just a few quick settings, adjust their sizes and color them to your hearts content.

Training Video with Voice-Over ( Sounds ON ), Please Subscribe

Video Transcript

Hi there, guys. In today's video final cut, we'll be looking at the brush to Let's have a quick intro. Yeah, so today's video is brought to you by Uh, we have a variety of different Softwares. We do cover and we upload videos daily, so keep your eye there for the new content. Otherwise, we're back in the programme here now to locate the brush tool, we'll go here to the left to the tool panel and then select the one that looks like a bloke paintbrush. After you select that, you'll see we have options on top here, which is to set the size. And then So if we just draw basic line here, we will see it falls in the full with more colour and the stroke on the outside. Now, if we set this up, it's about 2.5. Mhm. No, if we're just you can see, it's quite a bit broader that now. Also thing to keep in mind with this is if your path overlaps another piece of the path. So let's say we're drawing this and then we come right over. Then all the intersecting areas will be joined so become one path and then also a little tip about this. It's a very nice tool to if you want to make circles like quick circles and you just said it to the size you want it. In my case, I'll make it one. And then if you just click anywhere but without dragging your mouth, you'll see mix nice little circles so you can easily just just colours and then, yeah, carry on. So that is a nice little I want to say protest, but a little tip to know otherwise if we just navigate you to our website. Yeah, So if you guys go to gether today, you can find this video and more videos like it. You guys also notice we've got a variety of different Softwares recover like I mentioned. And also you can isolate your search. So if you wanna look for anything specific, otherwise, if you don't find what you're looking forward, just go here to request the training video, and then we'll make that video for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and cheers

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