VinylCut 5 Software Tool for Weeding and Removing the Waste Vinyl, Step by Step Video

vinylcur vinyl weeding tool

The Weeding Feature is a very important function for those who do lots of vinyl applications.

When it comes to removing the extra waste vinyl from around the cut shapes, it’s so helpful to have extra cut lines. This way you don’t have to try and weed out large pieces of waste at one time.

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Video Transcript

All right, guys, in today's video, I'll cut. We'll be looking at the reading effect. Let's just have a quick intro here. So today's video can be found on Got to see other today. You guys will notice We've got a variety of different Softwares. We do cover and we also upload videos daily. So just keep an eye out for any new content. Otherwise, we're back in the programme. Yeah, Now the wedding effect. This is very handy to get rid of any waste each final. So let's say we want to stick this on something and then all the cutouts around it. So the vinyl around it, which you're not gonna use now there's ways to make it more simple for you to remove it so that you don't have to pull it off as one big strip and potentially pull some of these letters worth it. So in order to do that, we will be going on top year to Becks and then we navigate down. So we find that reading effect. We open this, we'll have some few options. But let me scale this so you guys can follow along with what's happened in our sound top year. We first got the border offset. Now we've got this nice little so many on the left. So if you want to know more about it, you always read that. But in any case, what the border offset does we're zooming here. You can see around that we've got a little border. This is gonna also create a cut line. So that way we don't have to peel off the vinyl all the way from here. We can kind of just, um, use it from they're so kind of become, like a sticker more. We've got, like, a closed border. So this you can increase or decrease. And as you can see there, you've got a really tight one. But in general, you want to keep at least something like this. I would say minimum about 2.2. But let's just increase this for now for the demo. So that is what the border offset does. So it's kind of the amount of outside border you have, Then, under the actual icons here we have a few different options. We've got settings for the horizontal cuts and vertical cuts. As you can see, it's got lines, burning fruit. Most of these icons are self explanatory. Um, you kind of you know, you if you look at them to see what they do, but there are a bit small, so let's just cover it. So now the first one, we will create a cut horizontally. But any shape that is closed like this deep, it will not go through it. So let's just have a quick test here. So what you can do is you either just click where you want it or you click and hold your mouth. Then it will create this line, and you can drag it where you like it. If we let's say one of their we click and then you'll see the, uh does not have a cutting line and sometimes treats inner shapes like this as well as not being cut. So then, um, but let's say we want something that cuts through them. Then we can always go to the bottom. Here you click on the little reset button, and then it will remove any cut lines that was there. Next one will cover. Now let's just first carry on here. So then next we've got here, then the option wheel cut into all of those extra shapes as so let's do the same thing. And now we click. You can see even by the W in the d all of that. Now, basically, we'll be peeling from this corner. It will, uh, peel all the way up to this cut line so you can peel this in one stroke. Now, obviously, you can work smart about this and cut it individually, which I'll show you now. So now we've got also this option. So this will basically I'm not go through all the shapes so you can kind of click in the D and make a little cut line. Or we said that potentially also click between two shapes. And now, as you can see, it doesn't run through the entire vinyl. Only that area. If you have a difficult area, you can just add a little cut line there, and then when you drag it, it will come. Use that as a cut line. Obviously you can't go horizontally. And let's say you put on top of anyone and then you go back to our I'm sorry vertically, Go back to a horizontal one and you can make custom law cut lines. Let's say you want one there by the G and maybe close to the bottom. And if we pull the vinyl from the top ride, isolate this entire shape, which can be handy if you if you play around with it, experiment of it can get quite fast results. So it saves you a lot of time afterwards when you're actually on site, applying the wine and then what we have. Let's say you're sticking stuff on glass and that, and you want the actual word to be like, not visible, so you're gonna be peeling that out. Then what you can do is you use the icon with the red line in the actual shapes, as you can see in the borders of the Now, what you can do is the same as before. You can kind of click, and then it will make a cut line through all of he's gonna do the same for a for a political as well, you can create one there now the same way. So now when you're peeling off the letter, peel it off parts so you can always subdivide it into a few cuts Even so, then it makes your life a little bit more simple. Where you finally like I mentioned on site otherwise, Yeah, that's basically appealing. So if you guys navigate to Sorry, I'm weeding. Not feeling if you guys navigate to vinyl, Uh, the programme is freely available there to say to the downloads page. And then you guys got the Um uh, this video, more like it is available. And like I mentioned that, have a right to the software space to cover. We also have this nice little search option on top here. So you're going to isolate your search or if you don't find you look forward, just get to request a training video, and we'll make that for you Otherwise. Thanks, guys watching and cheers.

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