SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 the Most Common Toolbar (Part 12) User Interface Video Mini-Series

flexistarter most common toolbar

The Standard Toolbar contains some of your most commonly used features for the program.

Like you will see, most of these features found under the Standard Toolbar can be found in most programs, with the exception of a few.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.

Next video covers the Design Area.
Previous video covered Design Borders.

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Video Transcript

How are you guys? In today's video? It's flexi starter. We'll be having a look at the standard toolbox, but let's have a quick intro first. So today's video can be found on f C o dot z A. You guys all know we've got a variety of different ways to do cover and also we upload videos daily. So just keep your eye. Therefore, any new content. Otherwise we're back in the programme. Yeah, now, just a reminder. This is a miniseries on the user interface. So, uh, I will leave relevant links and description so you can follow a law. Also, this is just an overview of, um, the standard toolbar. Later on, we'll be going into more depth about all these functions. But most of them, you guys should be rather familiar with seeing that it's the standard tool. Now let's start off. So obviously it is located on the top here. You can change its location on that, but we'll just leave it for now then, uh, if it's for some reason, not there, most of these things you can always go to view. And then, yeah, we've got two bars, then you can go here and just select the standard. And it also put her back on. So once again, that view two bars control tease the shortcut, and then in there you can select which two bars and that is available. So under this to bar, we have a few settings which you guys most of you should be familiar with. So it is the new keep in mind. If you have a tool tip also show you the shortcut keys in brackets. So yeah, so you guys can actually just learn it on the fly at all. It's very handy to know, but in any case, so let's start off. We've got new then obviously we are open and save. So I would say these three are kind of categorised together to use often the next up we've got important export. Um, they would also be categorised together and then the next three we've got print, cut, plot or cut contour or say they also categorised together. You'd use them. You know we'll be looking for them when you want to use one of these, then next up of our basic editing or we've got the cut, copy and paste, which is in most programmes and we've got the undo and read. Keep in mind As you can see, it's a bit hard on this programme but I'm the redo. If something is great and you can't do it yet, it will be great out. But it's not so of business programme. So if you click Pandu uh, you can see you can actually do the redo again. Then next up here, we've got some of our panel's so we've got the design panel or design central, which you can put on and off Same with a full and stroke colour makes a and the colour specs. And then we also have the swatch table which is at the bottom so you can put those off and the next is kind of like a online type stuff. So we've got sent to en route. We've got the shown high cloud page and then we have active Oh, sorry, archive to climb. So yeah, that is the basics on it. Like I said, we will go into more depth about what these things do for those of you that it's not familiar with them. But in general, this toolbars kind of standard so yeah, and a self explanatory. Otherwise, if we had year to r C a zebra, you guys can find this video more like. It also mentioned we have a variety of different doctors who do cover. As you can see, you can also isolate your search for anything specific, or if you don't mind me looking forward to go here to request a training video, then we will make that for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and chills.

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