SAi FlexiSTARTER Drawing Arc Paths Bezier Path Tool (Part 4) Working with Paths Mini-Series

flexistarter bezier arc paths

Using Arc paths within your design could help you with making a variety of different shapes.

This method of making paths is great for corner designs, adding circular type paths to the normal path or even using it to make flower design.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Freehand Drawing Tool.
Previous video covered Drawing Curved Paths.

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Video Transcript

other guys in today's video Flexi starter, We're gonna be looking at drawing arcs or arc type paths using the busiest art. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Mm mm. Mhm. Mhm. So today's video can be found on Today we make sure and easy to watch problem solving videos. And also we have daily updates otherwise, back in the programme. Now, this is gonna be a should be a short little tutorial. So we've covered the basics already on creating straight and curved parts. Now, this will be very similar and you kind of feel a sneak preview of it in the previous video. So what will happen is this is a great tool if you wanna add these, um, perfectly oct shapes or paths can obviously use it for creating like flower type shapes or anything like that. You know, you can be quite creative or use your imagination where you could take this. Now, first of all, you will need your path a busier path selected, which will be p the shortcut, your main toolbar. Now, what you can do is you simply just done click and then If you keep controlling and click again, you get this path to. So if you get you up, you will arc it to the top to the bottom. And obviously, if you're working vertically will be left and right can choose how far you want a corkage. And they also something to keep in mind cannot be combined with other methods so I can keep shifting. Constrain the angle to make it a straight line. And then we can make another one with keeping controlling. And then I'll just sit the value for that. And obviously you can. Then you once again use your shift if you want it, and then just make some unique shapes based around this tool, I'll go to inside this time just for variation. Shift and click and then close the path. As you can see, it's quite a unique shape. Obviously, um, I wasn't being too creative, but it was quite a great tool. If you want to get a rather unique shape with parts now, obviously all the other features will stay the same. The leading points are doing while you're busy with it and so forth, so otherwise I'm just also quick reminder. This is the ministerial and working with paths. And I will leave relevant links and descriptions You guys can follow along otherwise, where you're to hat you guys almost got a variety of different software to recover. And also you can isolate. Just search here on the top of right. If you do not, however, find what you're looking for, you can just go here because the training video, then we will make that video for you, but otherwise things guys watching and chits.

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