FabriCAM Software Print Job Report Finding Text (Part 7) Step by Step Video Tutorial

fabricam print job finding text

When it comes to the Print Job Report and its options, this next one will be the last option to cover.

From all the options that we have covered already for the Report feature, this next one will simplify finding desired text information.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers PJR Practical Self Print.
Previous video covered PJR Navigation Details.

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Video Transcript

How are you guys? In today's video? We're gonna be looking at the fine text feature that is located within your friend jobs report, and this will be for fabric camp software. But before that, let's have a quick intro first, so today's video can be found on softwaretraining.co.za. We make sure needs to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates. Otherwise, we're back into the video. Yeah, or should I say the tutorial? You will notice that we are already inside the actual print feature, so we won't be opening it. If you want to open it, you just head there to print. Make sure you've got a project open that already has information. Then, after it's opened, we have a nice little feature called Fine Text. This will allow us to find anything within this project. So let's say you know what's the number of apart? Let's say we go. We're looking for part, uh, 36. Now, keep in mind. This is you know you can find any texture, but you will use it normally in cases like this. So let's say you want to find part 36. Then we go to this little binoculars icon so I'll just zoom in here for you guys can see better. And then we want to click that. It's gonna pop up up this dialogue box that says fine text and find what? And then, yeah, we're gonna type in. So let's go capital p 36. It's a part number we're looking for, and then we wanna go find If I move the sideways, you will see it will highlight for us and read, uh, one we found. So here we go. P 36. As we can see, we found the actual part and then you can go find next if there is more in the thing. But as you can see, finished searching the documents and there's nothing else now you can obviously also just put in Let's say six and see what it finds. If it finds anything, here we go. We've got a six over here, and then, um likewise, if we click find next, it's gonna find every single six. So even if 26 or 36 so just keep that in mind, Um, so you don't it's better to rather search for something, uh, specific as just a general number. Now, Like I said, this is relevant to everything in this document. So even find stuff here on the front page. Anything tax related? Um, the law binocular button will find it for you. So it is handy if you're not sure where it is or if the part is there. You can just simply search it in instead of having to manually go through every single part and looking for the name. But yeah, otherwise, that is it on the fine text. So just a quick recap. You can find pretty much any text inside this report just by searching. Um, I don't think it's relevant to this or it works with this actual image, saying that it's an image I won't find. A seven year or 11 year will only be text related, but yeah, otherwise, we head here to softwaretraining.co.za. You guys will notice you've got a variety of different soft words we do cover, and you can also isolate your search on the top, right? And if you do not find the training videos you're looking for, you simply go Yeah, request the training video, filling the mini form. And then we'll do our best try and make that for you. And I also do apologise. I realised in the previous video I said, uh, last feature The navigation details panel was our last feature for the actual print report, but I totally forgot that we still have to do the fine text. So my apologies for that, but yeah, otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and just

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