CorelDraw RouterCAM Plugins Drilling Cycle Feature (Part 9), Step by Step Video Tutorial

coreldraw routercam drilling cycle

When it comes to the Toolpath for drilling, you will notice that it has different settings to most of the other Toolpaths.

One of those settings that are different is the option to set and adjust the Drill Cycle Steps.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Previous video covered Curve Precision.

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Video Transcript

Alright, you guys, in today's video, we're gonna be looking at the drill cycle setting for your two parks. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. So today's video can be found on z. We make sure needs to watch problem solving videos. We also updated updates. Otherwise, we're back in the programme here. So now just a quick reminder. This is a miniseries on the route to camp two parts settings and today we're gonna be looking at drill cycle. So now this one is only or the setting can only be found in your drill setting or draw to path. And, uh yeah, well, most of the other ones were universal, except for the drill. Now we have one that's drill, uh, and not for the others. So if we had to have our, uh, objects selected here that we want to draw, we can click here and then by default, this thing is going to draw in the centre so you don't have offset to the side or centre and outside inside, it will just be in the middle of this. And then obviously you can choose your size of your Robert now? Yeah, it would be nice having a like the other ones where we can actually see the actual size of the drill is gonna be which I see it is not years, which is a bit unfortunate. Like if we had to go to Contour and we've got this show tool, diameter, so that would have been nice to have that on the drop, but yeah, maybe in the future updates. So now, under the drill cycle and return playing, we've got over here three different settings by default. It is on return plunge height, but, uh, we will start you on the first one, so the first one is no return. So basically, what this will do is when you drill, it will try and do your full depth in one go. So it's not gonna take it up as a breather, you can say and take it again and again and again. So I'll go. One goes with no return. Then we have your return to plunge height. So this one will drill to the first layer. Then it will move up to whatever your plunge height is set over here. Okay, so over 3.3 and then it will go to the next plane next plane and so forth. And then the last one year, we have returned to previous cutting plane. So obviously, if it's gone to one plane, it will now go up to where it started. And then when it drills will go to the next plane, they will only go up to where the second plane was and so forth. So that is pretty much what these ones do. This one storey for longevity and that the better one to choose. So the default one returned to plunge height. At least give your drill a bit more of a breather where obviously, if you want to cut time, because where we go no return or perhaps return to previous, um, cutting plane. But yeah, otherwise that is it on the drilling cycle. So just a quick overview again. So we have no return, so it's gonna try drilling in one go return to plunge. Height will obviously, between uh, cutting planes is gonna go over to your lunch height and then the last one is returned to previous cutting plane, which will basically do it in steps. But Yeah, if we had year to d day, the guys will notice We've got a variety of different software to to cover. And you can also isolate your search on the top of right. If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking for, just simply go. Yeah, request a training video fell in the uniform. Then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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