Use OBS Studio Screen Capture Feature Create Software Training Videos

software training videos obs studios

Making software training videos can be a challenging task, But using OBS Studio will turn the process into an easy consistent workflow that has a professional final result, This video will run you through the how to on doing just that.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is free and you can download from . The .mp4 muxer setting I mentioned in the video is “movflags=faststart“.

Or you can use Handbrake to compress .mp4 video smaller and start faster. Watch Handbrake compressing setting video.

Training Video with Voice-Over ( Sounds ON ), Please Subscribe

Please make sure you start the video with the key point your video is about shown inside the software, because we are going to use the first frame of the video you made at many index places.

Our logo animations can be downloaded from our about page.

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