TruCUT RDWorks LGP Variable Power Option for visual Reference (Part 19) LGP Design Videos

rdworks lgp variable power option

Using the LGP Variable Power Option for a better visual Reference (Part 19)

When you using the Variable Power feature, and it is setup correctly you will be able visualize you light point.

This video is part of a Mini-Series that covers the LGP Feature and all its options.
Next video covers Variable Power Options.
Previous video covered LGP Design – Grid Type.

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Video Transcript

are you guys in today's video, we're gonna have a quick look at the variable power feature that is within your l G P design. But before that was a quick intro First. Mhm. So today's video can be found on 0.0 dot zero. We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates otherwise, back in the programme. Yeah. Now the variable power option for the l G B L G P feature or honestly say I cannot find too much information on this online. So again, 11 of those options that's so hard to find information on, um, there's a number of those that can be found within the programme, and I think it's mainly because this programme was directly translated, or at least the manuals from I think it was Chinese to English. So yeah, a lot of things doesn't make sense and a lot of things you can't find in the menu. So if any of you guys have played around with this feature other than the way I'm gonna show you, please, uh, feel free to leave in description so we can all be helped. But so now when it comes to the variable power, how I currently use it as more as a preview option. So to preview my light source, perhaps it's got real benefits in the sense that you can set the power with this. But I have not, uh, got that right. So then what we're gonna do so if I go to the l. G P feature, let's make a basically a rectangle, then at the moment it's already enabled. So I'm first gonna disable it here. Then, uh, I found personally under the grid in that it looks the best under the lines that kind of just does it on a horizontal vertical plane. The grid. You can actually see the top down or top left, top bottom and so forth. The circle, It's only got it's got all four light sources, so this one also reacts pretty accurately. So now if I go to the grid and let's say we've got the top and left white sauce or like position, then if I enable this and then I click, apply and then you guys will notice that the top left we can see the light source so now, while you're working on design, it's kind of a nice way to demo where the light is coming from. Why do you change this? Say to the Let's go bottom right, say apply Now you guys will notice it's coming from the bottom, right? Obviously, if you increased light sources. So let's say we've got your top left. Top right click apply. And now we can see it's coming from the top left on the top, right? And it's got a nice gradient as it fades away from the focal light sources. Now it's or four sided click apply, and then it will do the same thing, but from all the directions. If I had to go into line, I'll just let you see the difference. See, now we basically just have it on a horizontal plane is coming from the bottom up and the top down the same way. If I got two single light sources, is at the moment bottom right then we will notice it's coming from the bottom up. So not the bottom, right? So that's what I said with lines. It doesn't it's not quite as accurate, but when it comes to the actual grit, then platform. Then we've got a few more things we can under its settings. There is a few others, but we'll cover that in another video. But otherwise in the meanwhile, if we had year to hat's the end of the day. You guys will notice we've got a variety of different Softwares you do cover, and you can also isolate your search on the top of right. If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking for, just simply go here, request the training video, filling the uniform. Then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks guys for watching and cheers.

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