FabriCAM Software Computer-Aided Manufacturing About CNC CAM (Part 1) Step by Step Video Tutorial

fabricam about cnc cam

When it comes to the CAM tool within FabriCAM software, there are quite a few different options to look at.

But before we go into too much depth on the feature and its options, let rather start simple and work our way up.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers CAM Project Setup.

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Video Transcript

All right, guys, in today's video, we're gonna have a quick view on what is a camp in the actual fabric camp software. But before that, let's have a quick intro first, so today's video can be found on softwaretraining.co.za z. We make sure we need you to watch problem solving videos and we also have daily updates. Otherwise we're back into the programme here. So now in today's video, like I mentioned, we're gonna be looking at the camp feature at least quick overview of what it is and yeah, where it's located. So obviously it's location. You can find it here on our primary toolbar, which is a little cam button circle with arrows on it. Now, this is only going to really work properly if you actually have a form of how can I say uh, project open. So if you have shapes and so forth, if you have no shape, this thing is gonna be pretty useless in many ways. So now also the actual cam. This is normally associated with CAD programmes. You'll make a form of car design and then the camera kind of interpret it so you can actually use it within your programme. Now this is normally done with C N C type machining and programming, so these ones are all connected. You'll see this one as the cat and it's got the cam. So the cat will allow you to kind of make the shape yourself and the Campbell help interpret it. And, uh, yeah, so what camp stands for it is computer aided manufacturing. So it's the computer, obviously, for the PSI, hated for the A and M for manufacturing, then also camp Softwares, or normally is used to develop programmes for a variety of CNC machines. Such smelling and turning machines, for example. Now, uh, yeah, for machines or cutting edge machines and adaptive manufacturing. So it is kind of like I said is mostly associated with type of C and C type things. But what it does help. It helps you to do a few things like you can preview the process is gonna take without actually having to cut it, which is very convenient, which we will look at a bit later. So you can actually set up your whole project, preview it running live kind of, uh, cutting process, and then kind of see what's the order and all of that, which, with all the features, this programme as it must have to for the programme. But yeah, otherwise that is it on Cam. Like I said, it's mostly there to, uh, aid you in the manufacturing after you have made your cad designs, but otherwise in the meanwhile, if we head here to softwaretraining.co.za z, you guys will notice we've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover, and you can also isolate your search on the top of right. If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking forward to simply go. Yeah, request the training video, fill in the many form and then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys for watching and cheers

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