How Does One Change Their Text to Path Shapes Using VinylCut 5 Software

There are three main ways to convert your text to path shapes, which one is the best for you? One thing to always keep in mind when converting text to path shapes, and that is that you will not be able to convert it back to text. It…

How to Use the Union Feature In VinylCut 5 Software and Where To Locate it

When sending a final design to a cutter as a pdf or svg file using the Union feature will help to keep the design outcome consistent. The Union Feature is also a great way to make new and interesting shapes to use in your designs, but…

What is the Differences Between Union, Merge and Grouping in VinylCut 5

Knowing the differences between Union, Merge and Grouping will help you decide when to use Destructive vs Non Destructive editing. Things to keep in mind about destructive vs non destructive editing is that one is more permanent then…