What is the Differences Between Union, Merge and Grouping in VinylCut 5

Knowing the differences between Union, Merge and Grouping will help you decide when to use Destructive vs Non Destructive editing. Things to keep in mind about destructive vs non destructive editing is that one is more permanent then…

Styling Shapes In VinylCut 5 to Have Border Shadows or Being Blocked out

From border shadows to blockouts, this shape styling feature is a great and easy way to do just that. With this feature being non destructive you can easily change the properties or select a new style at any stage. This feature is great…

This is How One Can Weld Shapes and Text Non Destructively In VinylCut 5

Have you ever cut your vinyl and ended up with your design cut into more shapes than needed? Now with the Non destructive Welding feature you able to have your final design cut into fewer shapes,while being able to still edit the project…