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VinylCut 5 Software In-Depth Merge Tool and its Strengths, a Step by Step Video Guide

The Merge function is used to combine individual paths, curves, and lines into a single shape. This is basically the opposite function to the Break Apart in the VinylCut 5 Software.

VinylCut 5 Software Union, Merge and Grouping What is the Differences, Step by Step Video

Knowing the differences between Union, Merge and Grouping will help you decide when to use Destructive vs Non Destructive editing. Things to keep in mind about destructive vs non destructive editing is that one is more permanent then…

VinylCut 5 Group, Ungroup, Break Apart, and Merge The Difference, Step by Step Video

A Group is a collection of shapes that can be moved, resized and scaled together as if it were a single shape. Opposite to the more non destructive approach of the grouping function, the Merge on the other hand is a bit more of a…