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TruCUT RDWorks (Mini-Series) Backing up and Restoring Settings, Index about this Feature

This is an index covering a mini-series videos about the process of backups and restoration of the software and vendors.Index Below. PART 1 - Vendor Settings PART 2 - Software Settings

TruCUT RDWorks Backing up and Restoring Software Settings (Part 2), Step by Step Video Tutorial

When it comes to the Software settings, it is very similar to the Vendor settings but directed at the Program itself. The process that you will follow for the Software backup and restore settings in many ways are like the Vendors,…

TruCUT RDWorks Backup and Restore Vendors (Part 1) Video Tutorial Step by Step Guide

When it comes to the Vendor Settings and backing them up for a later restoration, doing the backup early on is a great idea. You will notice that sometimes you have to make changes to the vendor settings, then being able to save dated…